I didn’t grow up knowing I would own a blog but I knew I’d write. write anything -a novel, pamphlet, handbills ,letters, journals, even an about page . With regards to my curiosity, I realised a person cannot have all the experience in the world & To cure the urge to know how it felt on other sides, Cliquetalk was actualised. 

Cliquetalk is that place where everyone  can share experiences, ideas,  stories, facts and fictions,poems,argue discuss, laugh and possibly erase scars recession has caused on our not too ugly faces. 
Cliquetalk doesn’t involve one person.
Its ‘clique’ because it’s about you&i as it takes two to strike a conversation 

‘Talk’ because Shame they say derives its power from being unspeakable
I don’t feel I have masked myself enough to be called a writer, blogger or anything in that line as I’m still struggling to find a stand in the Nigerian society with all that hassle and haphazard.
Aside my birth certificate, I have managed to bag a Bsc in Economics and have once been awarded for being the best dancer at a birthday party at age 5. Other titles and awards are definitely  wrapped somewhere in future where Cliquetalk will eventually  take us to.